About Us

House of Scale is a foremost supplier of Weighing Automation Cotrollers, Auto-Filling, Auto Packing Machines, Bagging Machines, Asphalt & Concrete Batching Plant, Truck Scale, Weighing Scales like Table Top Scale, Heavy Duty Platform Scale, Electronic Heavy Duty Scale, Load cell, Torque Sensor, Strain Gages, Automation Controller, Weighing Indicator, Amplifier, etc.

The Weighing Scales, we offer to the clients, have rugged construction. They are added with the features that conform to the latest technological advancements.

They work flawlessly and deliver the desired results. with the state of the art quality testing machineries, our engineers keep tab on deviations, occurring in the manufacturing processes. Complying with the basic requirements of a customer we try to maintain close relationship by providing them fringe benefits of after sales support. Our main motto is to boost our qualitative aptitude and provide the wide range of product at competitive prices.


Our product range is extensive and this site will expand providing customers with a larger range of competitive products.

  • Laboratory Balance for Industry, Schools, Colleges and Universities.
  • Moisture Analyzer
  • Counting scales for general industrial and warehousing applications
  • Digital weighing / check weighing scales from 100g to 1000kg and other.
  • High performance industrial platform scales with extensive software facilities including parts counting, percent weighing etc.
  • Pallet beams, platforms for pallet weighing
  • Medical Scales
  • Retail Scales
  • Luggage Scales
  • Kitchen Scales
  • Load cells for force measurement and process weighing applications
  • Torque Sensors both Static, Rotary and Torque benches
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Automation Controller for Packing, Batching, Bagging, Filling Machineries
  • Weighing Indicator
  • Turk scales / Weighbridge
  • Filling Machines
  • Rice, Sugar, Flour, Feeds & Fertilize Bagging System
  • Asphalt, Concrete, Batching Plant
  • Thickness Gage Meter
  • Thickness Coating Meter
  • Moisture Meter for Rice, Seeds etc.
  • Human Machine Interface, (HMI)
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Weighing Transmitters
  • Analog Module & Cards
  • Servo Drive & Inverters

There are also a number of other specialized scales such as wheel-chair weighers, postal scales and baby scales.

House of Scale also supplies the complete range of All types of Weighing Automation, Packing Machinery, Truck Scales/Weighbridges by own manufactured,


The mission of the company is to win the trust of customers. In order to retain the faith of the customers, we put our endeavors to build concrete bonds and maintain transparency in our dealings. Furthermore, we are engaged in upgrading the technology for the betterment of electronic weighing scales and automation.


The tasks performed by the team members always have last long impact on the image of product.


House of Scale has a mobile team service for look after the complaint of our customers 365/24/7 days brings you dependable and reliable services ensuring you never feel insecure because we are here for you.